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Light Up Glasses Wired - Blue Wayfarer



Blue light-up wayfarer glasses are the pinnacle of futuristic fashion and functionality. These sleek and stylish glasses feature built-in LED lights that illuminate in a captivating shade of blue, adding a cyberpunk flair to your look. Perfect for parties, festivals, or themed events, they not only protect your eyes but also enhance your presence with their luminous glow. The adjustable frames ensure a comfortable fit, while the vibrant blue lights create an eye-catching visual effect that sets you apart from the crowd. Embrace the future of eyewear with blue light-up warfare glasses, where innovation meets style for an electrifying experience.

  • (3) mode manual flashing option in solid, slow and fast blink
  • comes with AA battery pack attached to 4ft cord
  • (2) AA batteries can be replaced countless times for prolonged use
  • up to 35hrs of battery life per (2) AA batteries

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